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Dear Parent/Guardian:

     This application is for the 2017 -18 Mobile County Public School System Magnet Schools selection process.  This application should be used for NEW selections only. Current magnet school students DO NOT need to reapply. 

     BEFORE beginning the application, parents must read and agree to all the provisions listed below. For any questions regarding these provisions, contact the Magnet School Office at 221-4039 OR via email at magnetinfo@mcpss.com.

1.      The magnet school application period is open from January 4, 2017 - June 30, 2017. No applications will be accepted
         after June 30th with the exception of military personnel with orders indicating placement in Mobile for the 2017-18
         school year.

2.      The magnet application must be completed with all requested information.
3.      Parents will need to have their child’s legal name, date of birth, gender, and social security number to apply.
         (Students who are non- U.S. citizens and do not have a SS # are issued a student number through the Office of
         Student Services - 221-4245. These student numbers are validated through the State of Alabama.) An email address
         is REQUIRED to complete an application. The use of incorrect social security numbers will void applications and
         therefor any selection or commitment.

4.      Current magnet school students CANNOT recommit to their magnet school for the next year AND apply for
         acceptance to a different magnet school. 

5.      Applications completed by students currently enrolled in ANY Mobile County Public School will be populated from
         information currently in INow. This means that information the student's current school has on file will be used in
         the application.

6.      If selected, all applicants NOT currently enrolled in Mobile County Public Schools will be required to provide
          documentation validating age, address, guardianship, and social security number 


8.     The school system has the authority to deny or void an application for the following reasons:

         A.  duplicate applications (Only one application per student will be accepted.)
         B.  underage applicants
         C.  application completed by someone other than the student’s legal guardian or   parents
              (If one parent has legal custody, only that parent can complete the application.)
         D. students who do not reside in the MCPSS attendance zone at the time of the application.
         E. students who fail to meet academic and behavior criteria. 
              A student must meet the following criteria:
                  ◾Pass according to his/her current school standards; 
                  ◾Not be required to attend summer school;
                  ◾Not be passed due to chronological age. 
              In the year preceding enrollment, a student CANNOT have committed the following offenses:
                  ◾Suspended more than two (2) times or more than 6 days;
                  ◾Found guilty of a C, D, or E offense as outlined by the MCPSS Student Code of Conduct.
          F. applications with false or incorrect information, including social security numbers.

1.Siblings are given first preference in the magnet selection process but only for the same school site for which their brother or sister is already enrolled.
2.There must be an available position in the desired school and appropriate grade before a sibling can be placed. Siblings are not guaranteed placement.
3.Siblings are selected in random number order into a requested grade.
4.Step-children may be considered as siblings of magnet students. Parents must be legally married and have legal custody of children living in the household.
5.Parents/legal guardians may be required to present certified custodial papers for student(s) in question before a child may be placed as a sibling.
6.The student applying must live in the same residence as  the sibling magnet student(s).


1.      Special education and 504 students are included in all drawings although all magnet schools do not service all special education exceptionalities due to the accelerated nature of the magnet school curriculum.

2.      Magnet schools may provide reasonable accommodations for special education students, but not modified curriculum due to the accelerated nature of their instructional programs.

3.      Students may be selected for any magnet school; however, it is the function of the IEP or PEP committee to determine the least restrictive environment for each student. Therefore, if the committee determines the magnet school setting is not the least restrictive environment, the student will not be placed in the magnet school.


1.     There will be 3 primary drawings for magnet schools. They will be as follows:

·        February 1, 2017

·        March 1, 2017

·       April 1, 2017

        A 4th drawing will be held the first week of July to fill any slots which opened up from the the first 3 drawings. 

2.     Notifications of selection status will be mailed via U.S. Mail within one (1)  week of each drawing.



1.      Upon selection, the student will be notified and provided with a “Contract of Commitment” for which he/she will indicate his/her intention to attend or not attend the selected school. The parent/legal guardian must sign this contract and return the contract in person to the selected school (not Central Office).

2.      At the end of the academic year, the student’s report card must be presented at the selected magnet school to show that he/she has passed and been promoted to the  next grade level.


1.  Magnet school students must be prepared to show the same proof of residence documents as students being enrolled in any other MCPSS school.
4.Any changes needed to be made to an application in “Submitted” or “Waiting” status can be done by completing the link found on the same page as the application.
5.Transfers are not allowed for magnet schools. This includes from a regular school to a magnet school or between magnet schools. 

  • Make sure you complete all areas on each page of the application. In most cases, the applicaiton cannot move forward if items have not been completed.
  • You have the option to select 1, 2, or 3 schools for the drawing. However, selecting only 1 school WILL NOT INCREASE the chances of being drawn. The only criteria affecting selection are as follows: (1) the number of spaces available in a grade at the school; (2) the number of applicants who have siblings already at the school; and (3) the random number assigned to the applicant. 
  • LeFlore High School is NO LONGER a magnet school.  They are now listed with all other high schools as s Signature Academy School. DO NOT try to complete an application for LeFlore as a magnet school. It will be voided. For information regarding LeFlore as a Signature Academy, visit the information page at http://www.mcpss.com/signature-academies/ .

 For any questions regarding these provisions, contact the Magnet School Office at 221-4039 or via email at magnetinfo@mcpss.com

Magnet School Office
Division of Academic Affairs
Mobile County Public School System
P.O. Box 180069
Mobile, AL 36618



Magnet School Application: Agreed To Terms And Conditions    
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